Football Outreach

Our mission is to improve the lives of kids both on and off the football field. We are actively involved in the community providing outreach football programs to those from low income, culturally diverse backgrounds and our military families.Each team member is committed to making a difference in their community and participates in activities ranging from coaching youth football to working with local schools and football clubs.In the past, our coaches have helped athletes with their career goals, emphasizing the importance of trust, respect, loyalty and discipline.
Wiley Kicking Academy

We are an elite football development training academy based in Southern California and Western Australia. At our academy, participants learn football and kicking skills, primarily directional kicking for distance and accuracy. Our goal is to not only prepare participants to play football but to provide a positive and educational foundation to assist them in life as well.
Our academy is led by a team of talented and dedicated coaches who teach both American and Australian football skills from the American spiral punt to the Australian style end over end punt. We give you an opportunity to build an impressive sports repertoire to use in the years ahead.
Experience NFL Live

The Organization's vision for the Experience NFL Live Program is to allow low income, culturally diverse and military families access to attend live National Football League (NFL) games. Attending live NFL games is a great educational and mentoring tool for individuals, parents and children. However, access is limited if not impossible for some individuals and families to attend due to many reasons, specifically the high cost associated with attending games.

The Experience NFL Live Program will offer seating attendance to NFL games, specifically to the teams listed below. The goal is to expand the number of seats and to offer additional teams as funding allows. Recipients will be determined by random acts of kindness to individuals, families, schools, organizations and military installations.

Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Chargers, and San Francisco 49ers.